Sunday, 27 April 2014

Game of Thrones; One Hell Of A Dream (King Joffrey) Part I

So King Joffrey's body was on display at the castle.
After his parents' unsolicited and unwarranted (on Cersei's part) tryst, the hall fell empty and it was just Joffrey.
The next minute Joffrey rises. My initial thoughts:
1) Yay he's alive!! I mean, no damn!!! He's alive!
2) I then wondered how they managed to miss his pulse and why they declared him dead,
3) I then wondered why Joffrey was faking his death,
4) I then wondered why he didn't vomit during his parents' action,
5) Lastly I wondered how in the world he managed to keep his mouth shut all this time, that (expletive) motormouth.
So Joffrey went up to the throne to proclaim to a (remember) empty hall that he's still king. So after his entire 'I am the King' speech he got off the throne and went to the platform where his display table was. The ground gave way and he fell into a cellar.
I was like 'okay damn'.
A confused Joffrey got up and wondered what just happened. He then stepped on what was clearly a trap. It was weak and it immediately gave way.
Underneath the trap where he fell, were a series of sharp round blades. Joffrey fell right on top of it, with the blades cutting through his body. His panic was major. I was surprised he was still alive but then I wasn't because this boy loved being king more than anything.
The blades then rotated, Joffrey panicking. For some reason he was wearing an armour of some sort at that point but that did nothing to defend him against the blades. So the blades rotated and Joffrey died a horrible death.
All pieces of Joffrey fell through the gaps underneath these blades and him in many pieces fell on top of a pile of silver, in a completely blacked out space where I couldn't see the walls.
The silver was melted over and the output of it was dreadful. I guess as a result of what happened to his body during the process, it was all silver. He got cremated.
And so we were at the palace and like reciting a shopping list, one of the keepers said the silver piece was to be hung in the hall where late kings were commemorated.
His ultimate and untimely death was tragic. Whoever wanted him dead really pulled out all the stops. It was plan B after the choking pie plan. He truly died in a way he deserved to die.
RIP Joffrey.