Thursday, 11 April 2013

I've Dumped Dove Deodorant Forever.

I have officially washed my hands off mainstream deodorants found at supermarkets, drugstores and Off-Licences.

I generally use completely natural deodorant (the natural part is up for debate though; some people consider any derivative of aluminium as non-natural/dangerous but I haven't really looked into it, so it's whatever). Anyway, for a year or so, I've been using the Tom's Of Maine brand deodorant which recently ran out. Before that, I used Salt Of The Earth spray for about two years. The Tom's Of Maine citrus deodorant that I was using was ok. I didn't really like the fact that it was scented... I suppose I didn't really like that specific scent.

So my Tom's Of Maine ran out and I've had to use Dove for about two weeks until I could find the time and the store to get my all-natural deodorant again.

During the last few days of using the Dove Roll-On, I noticed itching. I also noticed a weird film on my underarms... it was impossible to get off in the shower and it took a few days for my underarms to feel like normal again.

I dumped the Dove Roll-On. Never again am I going to use mainstream deodorants (and not just for the reaction I had, but just for the fact that they're not good for you anyway).

Now I'm back to using my first love, Salt of The Earth. It's unscented and doesn't interfere with my favourite perfume. It also doesn't leave any weird films on my armpits!

My Number One... Deodorant.