Saturday, 10 November 2012

Inna Modja: Is Her Hair Real?

Inna Modja is a Malian-French singer and model. Not only is she known for her singing and modelling, she's also known for her hair.

But is it real?

I admit I was surprised when someone claimed her hair wasn't real... but my next thought was 'girl what hair did you use and how did you get it to blend with your natural hair?!'.

I've noticed how disappointed people get when someone has gorgeous hair and to only find out that it isn't really the hair that grows out of their head.

But, if it looks very natural and you've managed to fool people into thinking it is your hair, it is nothing to be disappointed (or in your case, ashamed) about... because the point of (many) weaves and wigs is to 'be your hair' and if people think it is your hair, then you've succeeded.

To clear this 'is her hair real or not' debate, I asked French YouTuber/blogger Iris Naturelle what the deal was.

She told me that for Mizani FR, Inna wore her natural hair:

Her weave styles:

Inna's natural hair is beautiful. So don't be disappointed the next time someone says their hair isn't real, it means you too can have the same hairstyle and fool people into thinking it's yours!