Friday, 18 May 2012

Natural Hair Events - Which One Should I Go To? + Tips For Good Preparation!

It's that time of the year when natural hair events are popping up all over the country, with one in Birmingham next week and a few others in London in June, it is no surprise that people can be confused about which one to go to and why.

So how do you choose which one to go to? Your reasons for going to these events is a deciding factor. What are your reasons?
  • To see a particular speaker?
  • To see particular vendors?
  • To take part in specific workshops?
Other reasons influencing your decision may be ticket price, event type and the date of the event.

Research the events you are interested in and look out for things which you may or may not like. If the event takes place annually (such as Afro Hair and Beauty Live), read reviews and look into the content of the previous years. If the event is new, read what the event has to offer.

So now you've chosen a reason for attending a particular event, other factors can still cause you to change your decision. You may also want to do a number of things that will ensure that you are well prepared for the event (plus save money if you're on a budget like me!);
  • Make sure you are free on the day. Double check that you don't have any work/school/appointments that day. Double check if you don't have other commitments the day before or after the event as the nature of those commitments can be affected by the event (particularly if it's a long distance event that requires early departure and late arrival). Ensuring that you are free will help you avoid double booking which costs money and time.
  • Book the event ticket early.  Leaving booking too late can result in unavailable tickets or tickets that are only available at the door (which tend to be more expensive). Keep in mind that some events may have early bird tickets which tend to be cheaper than the normal priced tickets.
  • Arrange transportation. Maybe you're able to get someone to drop you off? Or maybe you can take the bus? If you want to visit an event in the next city you may want to consider taking the coach or the train. Coaches I have used in the past and saved a lot of money with is National Express. You can usually book a ticket the night before and still end up with a pretty good price.  Use offers when you can, book as early as you can and book off-peak and/or advance tickets (particularly for trains) if you can. Also note that taking the coach is a lot cheaper than taking the train (but traveling time can be longer).
  • Arrange accommodation if you plan on staying the night. If you're staying with relatives or friends, inform them in advance and inform them closer to the event date. Staying with a relative or friend is often the cheapest option and is an option which I tend to take. Alternatively, you can also book a hotel room or a B&B. Look around for offers to get a good deal. Also note that proximity of accommodation may affect the time you need to get to the venue.
  • Plan the route to the venue of the event. Make sure you know where it is and plan it in advance if you're unfamiliar with the venue location. Look for the nearest train, tube or bus stations and look up instructions on how to get to the venue. Pages and websites for the event will sometimes describe the route to the venue. Alternatively you can use the GPS on your phone which can also be quite helpful (when it works!). Remember to leave early so that you're not late and missing parts of the event.
  • Other things to consider; know the time the event starts and ends. Bring cash to the event if you're planning on purchasing goods because not every vendor will have a card machine. The day before the event, you may want to see if a particular vendor is offering any deals on their goods, such as 20% off vouchers etc. Ensure that you have everything with you that you may need on the day such as a refreshments, toiletries and an umbrella. Make sure that you know the program of the event so that you know what's going on and when the breaks are. You may want to take a notebook with you if you want to take notes during the seminars and workshops.
Enjoy the natural hair events you attend and make the most of it! 

Happy hair journey! ^o^