Sunday, 12 June 2011

You don't have to modify the Denman!

You must be thinking, 'why are you saying that? *sly eye* Do you like getting your hair ripped out?'.

Well no I do not... but the Denman has a series of brushes called Vent and Free Flow. These brushes have a widely spaced teeth compared to the Classic Styling Brushes range they have.

A few months ago I did purchase one of the Classic Styling Brushes, the D14 (with five rows) as shown bottom right;

The Denman D31 (with 7 rows) is the brush on the left. There are less teeth making it more widely spaced compared to the D14. I purchased the D31 very recently and I'm very pleased with it. The Denman D31 is also bigger. So for fairer comparison, I will compare it with the D3 Denman brush (with 7 rows) as shown below:

Denman D31

Denman D3

The Denman D31 packaging has a sticker which says 'widely spaced pins, ideal for thick and afro hair'.

It's quite obvious that the Denman D31 has wider spaced teeth and less teeth as well. So there is no need to buy any of the Original Denman brushes and then to modify them as shown in many tutorials on YouTube and on other blogs. Just jump straight for the Denman D1431, D31 and D41 if you do like the Denman.

Happy hair journey ^o^