Wednesday, 15 June 2011

What if your hair hates a product?

Natural hair care is a process of trial and error. Finding something which works for you, whether it be a routine or a product, can help you have a smooth and comfortable hair journey.

Natural hair is also extremely diverse so it is no surprise that one product may have a positive effect on one person while having a negative effect on another.

There are a couple of things you can do with products that don't work for you or products that you don't like instead of binning them. The number of things you can do are;

  1. Try looking at other ways of using the product. Chances are the product you're using, is not working for you because of the way you're using it. For example with hair gels, you may scrunch your hair to reduce the crispy feeling the gel gives your hair. For protein treatments you may want to finish up with a moisturising treatment or a simple co-wash to restore that protein - moisture balance.
  2. Try diluting the product. If the product is too thick, either use little of it or dilute it with water or an oil to allow it to be more easily distributed through your hair or scalp. The opposite can be done if the product consistency is too thin - mix it with a butter or use very little.
  3.  Try mixing the product with an oil. For example, oils may be added to gels to reduce the crunchiness of the gel.
  4. Swap products with other naturals at meet ups - this allows you to try new products without having to spend more money. You can also swap the products with any natural outside of a meet up.
  5. Give products away to family or friends - this is if you really don't mind being generous.
  6. Give products to a homeless shelter or a women's shelter - besides clothes, hygiene products are very helpful as well.
Whatever you choose to do with your products, knowing where you stand with it is progress. You can move on to try something different which might just be the product for you.
Happy hair journey ^o^