Monday, 13 June 2011

Saving conditioner!

One great thing about being natural is that you can tailor your hair regimen to suit your financial situation.

Rinse-out conditioners are thicker and heavier versions of a leave-in conditioner and can be diluted to be used as such. This is a way you can make your rinse-out conditioners last but also have it double as a co-wash (conditioner wash) conditioner and a leave-in conditioner. Use your favourite rinse-out conditioner and either;
  1. Dilute your favourite conditoner with water. This can be 1 part conditioner and three parts water or 2 part conditioner and two parts water - it's up to you what type of consistency you want from the resulting conditioner.
  2. Dilute your favourite conditioner with a choice of oils such as castor, avocado or jojoba oil, again it's up to you to choose the measurements depending on the consistency you want.
  3. Do a co wash but don't rinse out all of the conditioner, leaving some in your hair. 
The same method can be applied to shampoo's, however this is sometimes done for the following reasons;
  1. To reduce the harshness of the shampoo especially if it contains SLS (sodium laureth sulphates) or ALS (ammonium laureth sulphates)
  2. To make a shampoo as moisturising as possible (oils, conditioners and glycerins may be added to dilute the shampoo and to make it as moisturising as possible).
Happy Hair Journey ^o^